Presented by Financial Times Live, the third edition of the ft Brexit and Beyond Summit will take place in June 2018. In an effort to set up a platform for discussion and exchange on the nature of the United Kingdom’s relationship with the rest of the world. Europe post-Brexit, conferences like this summit are essential for creating think tanks within the business community, in order to prepare the country’s economy for what is to come. With less than a year away from the most significant turning point in the United Kingdom’s history, the most prominent figures in financial journalism in London and Brussels come together to discuss and debate the latest Brexit negotiations development.

A lot of important topics are discussed on the Brexit and Beyond summit



08:00am Registration and refreshments
09:00am Opening remarks:
Dan Dombey, Financial Times, Brexit Editor.
Brexit editor and deputy chief editor of global news at financial times, Daniel Dombey, opens the summit.
09:10am FT Brexit Briefing:

Alex Baker, Brussels Bureau Chief, FT.
Sarah Gordon, Business Editor, FT.
George Parker, Political Editor, FT.
Gideon Rachman, Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, FT.

Moderated by Daniel Dombey

A panel of the most senior FT journalists open the debate and discuss how the three possible outcomes of staying in the European Union, soft Brexit or hard Brexit are taking shape as negotiations evolve.
09:55am Preparing for Brexit:Sir Charlie Mayfield, Chairman, John Lewis Partnership Sir Charlie Mayfield takes the floor and addresses the central theme of how the British business world is preparing for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The chairman of John Lewis Partnership addresses current critical issues of what policies British companies must see implemented by the United Kingdom’s government in place after Brexit, what are the understandings that businesses must wait for or what future business priorities will be.
10:15am Keynote speech: The vision for post-Brexit growth :James Stewart, Vice Chair FT & Head of Brexit, KPMG in the UK. Mr Stewart talks about the country’s vision for the future growth of the post-Brexit economy and provides his expertise on Britain’s industrial strategy, productivity and trade issues.
10:30am Panel Discussion: Post-Brexit trade and industrial strategy

Frances Haque, Chief Economist, Santander UK.
Ian Howells, Senior Vice President, Honda Motor Europe.
Juergen Maier, UK Chief Executive, Siemens.
James Stewart, Vice Chair & Head of Brexit, KPMG in the UK.

Moderated by James Blitz, Whitehall Editor, FT.

A panel of top leaders from major industries come together to address the crucial topics of post-Brexit trade and industrial energy, bringing their answer to issues covering what trade deal is needed with the EU to ensure the prosperity of the UK’s businesses, how the country’s industrial strategy could be impacted by a change in government, is a period of fiscal tightening to be expected, amongst other critical issues.
11:20am Morning refreshment Chance for everybody to enjoy morning refreshments and meet the speakers.
11:55am An international perspective on Brexit: Michael Jackson, Managing Partner, Matheson. Moderated by Alex Barker, Brussels Bureau Chief, FT Michael Jackson, the Managing Partner of Matheson, brings his 10 years of experience in the fields of the world’s leading financial institutions, investment banks, asset management companies, broker-dealers and the international corporative world and discusses, with moderator Alex Barker, of Britain’s future international business relationships.
12:15pm Introductory case study: Securing UK’s future as a leading digital economy

Patricia Cobian, CFO, Telefónica UK

Patricia Corban, CFO of Telefónica UK, talks about the importance of securing UK’s future as a leading digital economy by focusing on strategy and leadership, more significant investment innovation sectors, and creating a digital world where everyone is included and safe.
12:25pm Panel discussion: The services sector and Brexit

Ann Cairns, President, International, Mastercard Worldwide.
Patricia Cobian, Chief Financial Officer, Telefónica UK
Jean-Paul Zens, Director-General, Media and Communications Department, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Luxembourg.

Moderated by Daniel Dombey

Daniel Dombey invites Mastercard Vice Chairman Ann Cairns, Chief Financial Officer at Telefónica, Patricia Cobian, and high-ranking Government of Luxembourg officer Jean-Paul Zens, for a discussion on the future of the services sector in the UK post-Brexit.
01:05pm Lunch Break
02:10pm A European perspective: Helen McEntee T.D., Minister of State of European Affairs, Government of Ireland Helen McEntee, the Irish Minister for European Affairs, addresses the Brexit issues on the future of Europe. Will Brexit mark the beginning of a two speed Europe? How are we going to tackle the current problems of mass immigration? What are the implications of Brexit for Ireland? These issues are among those addressed by the Minister.
02:30pm Panel discussions: Brexit and the regions

Julian David, CEO, techUK.
Chris Hearld, North Regional Chairman, KPMG UK.
Denise Li, Founder and CEO, PGC Capital.
Guy Platten, Chief Executive, UK Chamber of Shipping.

Moderated by Chris Giles, Economics Editor, FT.

A Panel of world-leading industries’ CEOs and government institution officials gather to discuss what impact will the Brexit have on the United Kingdom’s regions.
03:30pm Afternoon refreshments
04:00pm Circular Dialogues Panellists and moderators join delegates to discuss the future post-Brexit scenarios.
05:00pm Drinks reception

Conferences Like This One Are Great for UK’s Businesses

The Brexit is fast approaching, and the importance that United Kingdom companies play in the success of the separation of the country from the rest of the European Union is crucial. Thanks to FT Brexit and Beyond Summit, the leading economic players in Brittany have the opportunity to meet, exchange and prepare for this new Europe.